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  Meet Little Mermaid  


The youngest of seven daughters, Little Mermaid is a princess from a kingdom in the sea. She is curious, rebellious, and absolutely fascinated by the human world. Her father never approved of communicating with humans, so Little Mermaid turned to a Sea Witch for help. In return for legs to walk on land and meet a prince, the Sea Witch required Little Mermaid's voice!

Instead of simply displaying human artifacts in her underwater grotto, Little Mermaid was finally able to explore beaches, towns and even castles! Together, Little Mermaid and her prince bravely defeated the Sea Witch. She got her voice back and received her family's approval on her dream. Little Mermaid knows plenty of mer-people, but she's still waiting for more chances to meet humans! She's excited to hear all about your favorite land-legged activities.

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