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 Meet Rapunzel 

Born into a royal family, Rapunzel has golden hair that is capable of glowing and healing people! An evil woman kidnapped Rapunzel for her hair's magic powers and locked the secret princess away in a tower, raising the young girl as her own child. Rapunzel grew up artistic, musical, and kind- but most of all, she was lonely with only a friendly chameleon to keep her company.

Her 18th birthday brought an unexpected adventure when a thief led Rapunzel to a nearby kingdom to see floating lanterns. She began to fall in love with this man, and the exciting trip forced Rapunzel to recognize the secrets of her past and, after confronting her kidnapper, she returned home to her castle to finally meet her parents. Now, this extroverted princess can hardly wait to make more friends. And don't worry, she won't make you braid her hair!

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